One Dream

We know there are thousands of young people out there with a great voice we’ve been working with talented young people for 15 years. With 3500-plus students, 50 schools, a production company and a leading talent agency, Make Believe is one of the UK’s most successful and exciting performing arts companies. Now we are looking for that special voice that can propel a youngster to stardom! In partnership with intu Milton Keynes, One Dream is a talent show with an amazing £1,000 prize fund, which will be divided between two age categories.

So if you believe your voice is special enough to win £500, come and show us!

This is going to be a talent show like no other as we search and discover the true meaning of raw talent. Its all taking place on the 12th October at 10am to 6pm at intu Milton Keynes and the talented winners from each age category (6-11 & 12+) will be chosen then for the HUGE cash prizes!

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